Katy Perry Attacks Christianity Because She’s Weak – The Resurgent


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Pop singer Katy Perry knew she was among friends as she took yet another shot at Christianity in her remarks to the notoriously anti-Christian Human Right’s Campaign at their annual gala dinner in Los Angeles. In what came across as a bizarre attempt to prove her street cred with people who embrace same-sex behavior, Perry bragged that her hit single, “I Kissed a Girl” didn’t tell the full story. Katy may find that worthy of mockery, but I don’t. Youth groups and church camps that preach the power of the gospel to change lives aren’t “anti-gay.” They are professing the truth that human beings do not have to become slaves to their sins, and that real freedom is found not in self-gratification, but in sacrificing our personal lusts – sexual or otherwise – to the greater cause of obeying Christ. Read More…