Religious Leaders Fiercely Criticize Senate Health Care Bill


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Some of the most scathing takedowns of Senate Republicans’ long-anticipated health care bill came from religious leaders, who blasted the legislation for its massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, and its draconian reductions to Medicaid.  The 142-page bill was quickly criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike after Senate leaders unveiled it on Thursday. Religious leaders, however, offered some of the harshest assessments.Scroll down for a sampling of statements shared with HuffPost from religious leaders:Sister Simone Campbell, executive director, Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice: This bill is a crass political calculation carried out by 13 white, male senators who are out of touch with the realities of millions of ordinary families in every state.”“The ‘plan’ unveiled by Senate Republicans today continues to be un-American. Their mission is clear: the GOP wants to push people off of health care coverage in order to give more tax breaks to the very wealthy. Read more…