Christian peer fears proclaiming Christianity could be a hate crime


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A member of the House of Lords has expressed concern that telling other people about the Christian faith could soon become a crime. In an interview with Premier, Lord Pearson of Rannoch said religious freedom in the UK is being gradually eroded by hate crime legislation. He also claimed changes in the law are part of a bid to please small minorities of “radical” Muslims. Lord Pearson told Premier when he recently raised a question on the issue in the House of Lords the government refused to answer. He said the government’s representative in the Lords refused to comment on the question. The former Ukip leader said the reaction was “unique” and that he’s never witnessed a question being refused an answer. He added that he does not condone personal attacks against someone of another religion but “if you’re merely criticizing a religion or proclaiming your own religion, I don’t see how the law can get involved”. Read More…