Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Write for Us!

Want to be considered as a guest contributor for Christian Buzz Roundup (CBRU News)? Please email your idea to pitch@CBRUnews.com . If your article is already written, please submit it to CBRUnews@gmail.com via google docs.

Content we want

We’re interested in writers who exemplify Christian based principles and convictions within their writing. Therefore, Christianity does not have to necessarily be the main focus of your story/article. However, tell us why your article idea is relevant to CBRU. Here are a few categories of interest:

  • Current Events
  • Health / Wellness
  • Sports
  • Devotionals
  • Christian living
  • Opinion
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Social Media post reviews
  • Interviews/Profiles

We will not consider:

  • Articles or content previously published (Contributions must be unique to CBRU).
  • Content promoting your product or service


  1. Include relevant hyperlinks
  2. Cite sources.
  3. Include short bio and photo of yourself.
  4. Include links to your writing or 2 writing samples.

While we do not have the time to provide feedback as to why a story is rejected, know that a rejection could be due to a number of reasons. Please don’t think that we dislike your idea. It simply may not be a good fit for our outlet at the time or we may be overloaded with submissions. You are more than welcome to continue to submit ideas.

We reserve the right to reject any submission at any stage in the publishing process.

Don’t want to write but have a story lead? You may also submit it to pitch@CBRUnews.